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Published: 20:31 BST, 26 February 2016 | Updated: 01:18 BST, 27 February 2016

Exactly a year after the heated debate about the color of 'The Dress' took the internet by storm, people are up in arms about the true shade of an Adidas jacket. 

Last February, there were fiery arguments about whether a frock made by Roman Originals was blue and black and white and gold, and now, on the one-year anniversary of the social media dispute, their is a new garment with even more potential colors to fight over. 

Nina, who is known as poppunkblogger on Tumblr, started the debate on Thursday when she shared a photo of the jacket in question and asked her followers to weigh-in.

Anniversary: A year after the heated debate about the color of 'The Dress' took the internet by storm, people are now arguing over the colors of this Adidas jacket 

Thoughts? People say they see blue and white, green and gold, black and brown, and green and brown, proving that 'The Jacket' has even more color combinations than 'The Dress' 

'I hate to make a new blue/black, white/gold dress meme, but my friend has this jacket and she says it’s white and blue, but I see black and brown,' she explained. 'Please, tell me what you see.' 

While some agreed with her friend that the is indeed white and blue, others chimed in that the actually see green and gold and green and brown, adding an extra element to the dispute.  

'Nina what did you do,' Tumbler user dammitmichael commented after the post received thousands of notes. 

'I don't know. I'm sorry. I'm scared. I'm so scared. I'm crying,' she replied. 

And like 'The Dress', 'The Jacket' blew up on Twitter within hours, with some people weighing white and green dress in on their thoughts, and others swearing off social media until the debates passes. 

Andrew Richard took a slightly more scientific approach to his argument when he relied on Photoshop software to tell him the colors of the jacket in question.

'Photoshop says teal and gold. #thejacket,' he tweeted. 

Grant Arnold agreed, writing: '#TheDress round two has been started. Ppl say blue/white. Please it's green/gold clearly. #TheJacket [sic].'

Meanwhile, a Twitter user known as 'Em', argued '#thejacket its white and blue stop this [sic]', and Kay Dekker professed that she sees actually sees black and brown. 

'I literally have no idea which parts are meant to be blue and which are white,' she wrote. 'I hate this. #TheJacket #TeamBlackandBrown.' 

Original disput: On February 26, 2015, Caitlin McNeill, a then-21-year-old aspiring singer from Scotland started 'The Dress' debate after noticing dress her friends saw either black and blue or white and gold in this photograph

Isn't it ironic? Some Twitter users believe 'The Jacket' is a 'set up' because it has taken the internet by storm exactly a year after 'The Dress' 

And Hannah Hodges added: '#thejacket is black and brown let's not fight y'all [sic].'  

Anna Russett shared a screengrab of a text conversation between and her friend who hotly disagreed about the colors of the jacket. 

'Friendships will be ruined,' she wrote, using the hashtag '#thejacket'. 

Others may be swearing off social media over the weekend because they can't stand the idea of the 'The Dress' part two. 

'I hated #TheDress please dont make #TheJacket happen for too long,' Twitter user Marie begged. 

Meanwhile, others think it is a little bit fishy that 'The Jacket' has taken over the internet on the anniversary of 'The Dress'. 

Taking sides: 'The Jacket' debate blew up on Twitter within hours - just like 'The Dress' did 

Good thinking: Andrew Richard used Photoshop to argue that the Adidas jacket is indeed 'teal and gold' 

True story: Kay Dekker said she was on 'Team Black and Brown' while noting she had no clue where people were seeing blue and white 

A Twitter used name Maura noted that '#thedress happened exactly a year ago today', adding: 'So I think #thejacket is a set up.' 

On February 26, 2015, Caitlin McNeill, a then-21-year-old aspiring singer from Scotland started 'The Dress' debate on Tumbler after noticing her friends saw different colors in the photograph.

The image quickly became an internet sensation, leading celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and her husband Kanye West having Twitter debates over the colors they saw. 

It was eventually revealed by Rowan Originals that the true colors of the optical illusion dress are black and blue, leading to a trio of scientific studies, including one from the University of Bradford in the UK, to explain why different people saw different shades.

Scientists said the disagreements were likely caused by the mechanism the brain uses to ensure an object is seen to be the same color, no matter what time of day it is and what type of light it is bathed in. 

Asking for peace: While Hannah Hodges said she thinks the jacket is black and brown, she encouraged people to avoid fighting 

Make it stop: Others just hope that this new debate will pass quickly because arguments about last year's optical illusion dress drove them crazy 

Ruined friendships: Anna Russett shared a screengrab of her text conversation with her friend about the color of the jacket

In bright, midday sun, daylight is blueish and so the brain subtracts blue light. Under artificial light, it gets rid of yellows - and in both cases the object should appear the same.

Crucially, it relied on other nearby colors, such as reds and greens, to work out how much blue or yellow light to remove. In the case of the two-tone dress, these reference colours were completely missing, and the brain had to rely on experience.

Add in the fact that blue is particularly tricky for the brain to deal with and some people got it wrong. They took away too much blue and saw the dress as white and gold.

In contrast, others subtracted the yellows, and rightly perceived it as blue and black.

For the study, Professor Marina Bloj and Professor of Visual Perception from the University of Bradford, said: 'The confusion would have never occurred if it was not for the special colors present in the photograph, it would not have happened with other colored dresses.'

Daily Mail Online has reached out to Adidas for comment.  

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