What to wear white water rafting in utah

A reader recently wrote to me and asked if we could put together some packing tips for a whitewater rafting trip. Having never been on this sort of trip myself, I turned to our awesome Facebook community to ask for assistance. Megan McConahy gladly jumped in and listed out the following helpful response that we are now sharing on the blog. We hope this helps anyone else traveling and partaking in a whitewater rafting trip! See all packing list posts here.

As always, leave your feedback in the comments to help make this the best resource possible. Thanks!

For whitewater rafting I would recommend:

Please note that I have only gone on GUIDED day trips, never overnight, although that is on my list to do! I have been whitewater rafting four times on two different rivers, the New River and the Gulley River both in West Virginia.

Dry bag for anything you don’t want to get wet. If you’re only taking little things and not too much, most guides have a “community” dry bag you can put your stuff in.

Waterproof camera. I just bought a cheap disposable one for my last trip. (Or, you can try a waterproof camera case/bag.)

Bathing suit. I would wear a suit underneath any clothes you may wear during the rafting trip.

Clothing. I have been rafting in the summer and the fall when outside temperatures have been pretty cold. Clothing over just a suit can help prevent chafing as long as you use the right type. The what to wear white water rafting in utah key to wearing clothing while rafting is avoiding anything COTTON. Cotton sucks all the body heat out of you when it gets wet. Stick with technical clothing, Under Armor type, fleece, wool, etc. Again, NO cotton! Clingy clothes are better than loose fitting clothes because you WILL get wet, even if you stay in the boat. Also, if it is going to be cold, use layers. Some river outfitters will even rent wetsuits if the outside temperature is going to be cold, or if you’re rafting in very cold water.

Water shoes. Water shoes, old tennis shoes, sandals, etc. that stay on your feet and have a sole that is made to grip in wet conditions are very, very helpful. If you can’t keep your feet planted you may have a difficult time maintaining your balance. I wear Tevas with “spider rubber” soles. (Check out the Teva Tirras, too.)

Socks. On the last trip, the temperature was in the high 40s; my Tevas are sandals. Therefore, I wore wool socks to help keep my feet warm during the trip. I do not wear socks on summer trips.

Sunscreen/Chapstick. I’m a fair skinned redhead. I live in sunscreen. Make sure it is of the waterproof variety, and don’t forget a chapstick with SPF also. This is one item I would ask the guide to put in the dry bag so that reapplication can be done when you get to a calm spot on the river.

Towel/Toiletries. The outfitters I have rafted with have showers available on location. It is nice to be able to take a shower before changing into your clean, dry clothes.

Dry clothes that are left behind to be able to change when you get back from the trip.

Money/Credit cards. Most of the time, the outfitter will have a staff member out on the water documenting your journey down the river. If you are interested in any of the photo/video keepsakes, get your money ready. These are usually pretty pricey.

whitewater rafting packing tips - calm before the storm

The calm – the trip will not stay like this!

What I wouldn’t wear or take:

Cotton clothing (except for your dry change of clothes), as stated before.

Jewelry. I would take all my jewelry off. I did wear my waterproof sport watch the last time and that was ok.

Electronics/Phone/iPod/etc. You won’t use them on the river, so why risk damaging them?

What additional packing tips for a whitewater rafting trip would you recommend? Leave them in the comments to help grow this resource!

About the author: Megan McConahy is an Aviation Ordnanceman in the US Navy, and has been for nine years. Even before the Navy, she was an avid traveler, having been to most of the 50 States (she hopes to visit all of them in her lifetime), and to 14 countries (so far). Her favorite destination to date is probably Australia. She is moving to Japan in just a couple of months, and is really looking forward to all the travel opportunities this move will provide! Catch Megan on Facebook or TravBuddy.

Photos by Megan McConahy.

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