What not to wear season 7 episode 3

  • THE EMPTY NEST (two hour episode) (21 Sep 1978)

    "This special episode of The Waltons is dedicated to the memory of Will Geer"

    Writers: Rod Peterson and Claire Whitaker. Director: Philip Leacock. Music: Alexander Courage.

    "For as long as any of us could remember our house had stood in the shadow of Waltons Mountain. We counted time by its seasons, growing up and growing old, and even those of us who went away never really left it. It was a fitting place for my grandfather to be buried, and in the six months since his death we had learned to live with our grief. We never looked up at the mountain without feeling his strength. We were to need it: the year was 1941 and there was a tension in the air that threatened to pull us apart".

    Part 1

    John admits he still feels ‘awfully empty’ after the death of his father. When he tells Olivia that he is at a crossroads, not knowing what to do, she responds that Grandpa would say, ‘Get on with it.’

    Ben shows up with a mustache, like Grandpa’s, hoping to gain more respect. John reminds him that Grandpa was respected, not due to a mustache but because he rarely made mistakes. Erin is anxious to hear from Mr. Pringle about an opening for a secretarial job with his company. As Erin and Elizabeth mop the kitchen floor Olivia answers a knock at the front door. An aggressively handsome man is looking for John Walton who owns, as he was told, one of the biggest lumber operations around. Matt Sarver offers John a lumber order but must decline because it’s too big for his operation. Sarver calls John a ‘two-bit operator’ in a day where he needs men with grit to fill big orders for the war effort. John does not like what he hears.

    Erin receives a phone call from Mr. Pringle; she’s been hired. John and Olivia walk to Ike’s while relating his feelings that this may be the last chance to do something big. With the bank wanting their money from a loan that Grandpa secretly took out to pay for Grandma’s hospital bills, a large order from Sarver would help the family’s finances. At the store, Corabeth has moved the pool table, under protest from Ike, in order to open her ‘Ye Cozy Tearoom’. Ike gives Olivia a package from St. Louis. Patsy Brimmer has sent her deceased aunt’s cameo ring knowing Flossie would want Olivia to have it. Ike reminisces about the loss of Zeb and Flossie as Olivia, Corabeth and the Baldwin sisters share the somber moment.

    Erin tries to sleep while Elizabeth reads with the light on. When Olivia tucks in her youngest daughter Elizabeth reminds her that next Saturday is Grandpa’s birthday. The two girls remember the flower names that Grandpa taught them. Meanwhile, John is working at his desk trying to figure out how to fill Sarver’s order. He thinks he can get together the other small lumbermen so they can work as one big co-operative.

    The next morning John is approved for a bank loan, but tells Ben that he ‘had to put him and Jim Bob up as collateral’. Jason finds Zuleika Dunbar in front of Flossie Brimmer’s old boarding house. She bought the house but will need to remodel before opening. Jason knows that with her vibrant personality she will attract plenty of tenants. John and Ben’s first stop is at Murdock Lumber. Joe Murdock tells John how sad he was to hear about the passing away of Zeb and reminisces about the time he tricked them into moving lumber down the river. John says this contract is on the level and proceeds to tell Joe his plan to join forces with Murdock doing the heavy timber, the Waltons working the two-by-fours, and the others performing their specialties. Murdock eagerly signs the contract. The rest of the day the other lumberyards are signed. With night already upon them, John tells Olivia they successfully signed and sealed the contract from all the lumbermen. The next day he wants to take the bus with her to Richmond in order to sign the deal with Sarver. But Olivia is unable to go because Grandma is lonely with Grandpa’s birthday soon approaching.

    John places Ben in charge while he is gone but, while driving him to the bus station, Ben runs out of gas. He’s forgotten to fill the tank. Since Mary Ellen and Erin are both working in Charlottesville, they begin looking for an apartment to share. Mrs. Boren, the landlady, shows them a room complete with compact kitchen, ironing board in a wall, and Murphy bed. Back home, the girls announce they are moving out, much to the dismay of Olivia and Grandma and much to the delight of Elizabeth who now has a room to herself. Jason urges Grandma to practice the piano as a duet, her playing the treble and he playing the bass.

    At Sarver’s office John is unable to see the busy boss so tells the secretary to have Sarver call him at the Fairmont Hotel. Later John is told a tale that Mr. Sarver is away at a special meeting in Washington DC. John is frustrated by his inability to see Sarver. He looks out the window to observe a couple walking around a fountain, then stopping for a romantic kiss. He misses Olivia so calls his wife. She does not think she can get away until Grandma brings her suitcase and says ‘Go’.

    The first night in their apartment Erin and Mary Ellen finish unpacking and make supper. Erin surprises her sister with a bottle of wine, compliments of Mr. Pringle. While tasting the wine they wonder what the family is doing. They are homesick but won’t admit it. At the supper table Ben gives up trying to finish the order after encountering problems. Grandma motions to Elizabeth to bring a dancing doll that Ben made for her when he was nine years old. Ben remembers the difficulty of the project, until Grandma told him, ‘Don’t give up. Figure it out.’ He realizes what Grandma had in mind and vows to complete the order.

    Over the telephone in his hotel room, John finally talks with Sarver who denies he ever made an offer to him and calls John a ‘timber jockey from the sticks’. John is terribly angry when a knock it heard at the door. He finds Olivia standing in front of him and his misery melts as he kisses his wife many, many times.

    Part 2

    Ben rigs up Jim Bob’s car in order to power the ailing motor of the saw. He can now finish the job after help from his brother and grandparents. With the jukebox repaired Jim Bob sets it up in the living room so he, Elizabeth, and Grandma can dance to it.

    John brings flowers to Sarver’s secretary and while she is distracted slips into his office. Sarver looks over the proposal and tells John to bring his wife to dinner tonight. After shopping for a new dress John looks admiringly on his wife with her new outfit and hairdo. He presents her flowers saying, ‘We have a world to beat.’ At the Sarver house, Matt, Betty Lou, and Olivia make a champagne toast to ‘John Walton’. Matt Sarver then offers John the position of Vice President in charge of Lumber Procurement. Olivia suddenly realizes they would have to relocate to Richmond.

    While Corabeth serves Miss Mamie and Miss Emily in her tearoom they hear a commotion in the store. When investigating Corabeth finds Ike picking up canned goods from the floor. She belittles her husband who refuses to alter his grocery store to accommodate her business. That night at the Dew Drop Jason listens to Ike talk about how he was called a ‘clod-hopper’ by Corabeth. Ike sings the song You Always Hurt the One You Love. Corabeth walks in to ask her husband to come home so she can show him something. Ike finds the tearoom replaced with his pool table. Corabeth suggests they call the new arrangement Godsey’s Tea & Billiard Parlor. But all that Ike hears is his wife calling him ‘dear’.

    John and Olivia discuss the possibilities and the good that can happen with change. On the way home driving their new car they have decided to accept the offer. Back home Ben proudly shows John the contraption that allowed him to finish the order. John compliments Ben and decides to let his maturing son use Grandpa’s tools. Inside the house Olivia likes the jukebox but insists it does not belong in the living room, but rather in a roadhouse. She gives Grandma a locket that can hold Grandpa’s picture. Elizabeth tells her mother that Grandma has decided to celebrate Grandpa’s birthday at his gravesite on the Mountain. At supper John and Olivia tell the family that they will be moving to Richmond while Ben remains behind to run the mill. No one is excited at the prospect, especially Elizabeth who insists she would rather run away than leave the Mountain. In her bedroom Olivia tells Elizabeth they all need to pull together during this time of change. They hear Grandma and Jason sing and play the song, ‘Let Me Call You Sweetheart’.

    As Erin and Mary Ellen prepare for bed, Mrs. Boren knocks on the door to tell them their father is downstairs. When Erin opens the door an inebriated Mr. Pringle appears with other things on his mind. When Erin resists Mary Ellen throws him out. They return home after Erin quits her new job.

    Jim Bob takes the jukebox to Zuleika hoping she will buy it for her parlor. Without money she offers him a trade. Before going to visit Grandpa on his birthday Jim Bob surprises his mother with a new icebox. On the way to the Mountain John announces that Joe Murdock asked him to head up the co-op that was so successful with the Sarver order. John and the boys plant seedlings around Grandpa’s gravesite. The others clean up the grave while Grandma sits at the spot where she first announced to her husband that she was in the family way. Olivia and John visit the gazebo he built for their twenty-fifth anniversary. John admits he still does not know what decision to make, but feels ‘Pa all over these mountains’.

    Around the gravesite Elizabeth tells Grandpa about how fat her pig Jayben is getting for her 4-H project at the upcoming fair. Jim Bob mentions how nice of a spot this is and Erin says she has been thinking a lot of him and G.W. Mary Ellen mentions how John Curtis likes to hold out his hands to all sorts of people and likes to play in the dirt. Ben tells his grandfather that he is using his tools and will take good care of them. Jason plays a song on his harmonica that reminds him of Grandpa. John, Olivia, and Grandma join the children at the gravesite. Grandma says, ‘Old Man, you live in all of us.’ Olivia tells Grandpa not to sit on the porch too much with Martha Corine, Uncle Ben, and Mrs. Brimmer. John tells Grandpa that they have no business moving to Richmond and will stay on Waltons Mountain, probably forever.

    "For years to come, in times of doubt and trouble, different members of our family would make the pilgrimage up the mountain to visit Grandpa. He was always there to comfort us, help us make decisions, and to give us the benefit of his continuing love"

    Elizabeth: Jim Bob, are you sure the light goes out in the refridgerator when you close the door.
    Jim Bob: Sure, there's a little man down there who switches it off!
    Elizabeth: Don't try to kid me Jim Bob I know better than that.
    Jim Bob: OK go on down and take a look! While you're down there bring me a piece of that left-over fried chicken.
    Elizabeth: It's all gone Jim Bob.
    Jim Bob: Oh come on, who ate it?
    Elizabeth: The little man in the refridgerator.
    Jim Bob: Goodnight Elizabeth.
    Elizabeth: 'Night Jim Bob.

    Also appearing -
    Ike and Corabeth Godsey (Joe Conley and Ronnie Claire Edwards); Matt Sarver (Michael Conrad); Betty Lou Sarver (Jay W. Macintosh); Joe Murdock (Lou Frizzell); Mrs. Boren (Peggy Rea); the Secretary (Sima Conrad); John Curtis Willard (Michael and Marshall Reed);
    Special guest: Grandma (Ellen Corby).


    • Grandpa died six months ago while planting seedlings on the Mountain.
    • Grandpa’s grave stone on the top of the Mountain states ‘Zebulon Walton 1865-1941’.
    • Mr. Pringle owns the company Pringle Freight and Storage in Charlottesville, Virginia.
    • Matt Sarver was a plumber before making it big doing cost-plus contracts for the U.S. government.
    • Peggy Rea plays Mrs. Boren, the landlady. She later shows up as regular cast member, Rose Burton.
    • Mrs. Boren is a grandmother with thirteen grandchildren.
    • The apartment that Mary Ellen and Erin rent costs twenty dollars a month, including laundry facilities.
    • Joe Murdock recounts the time Zeb tricked them into moving lumber down the river. The incident occurred in The Intruders (Season 4, Episode 14).
    • Grandma daydreams about the time she and Zebulon first walked up the Mountain together, where she tells him she is in the family way. The scene first appeared in The Heritage (Season 2, Episode 17).
    • John and Olivia visit the gazebo that John built for their twenty-fifth anniversary. John built the gazebo for Olivia in The Anniversary (Season 6, Episode 17).
    • Jim Bob’s refurbished jukebox plays a record for five cents.
    • The license plates on John’s new car are 726-510 Virginia.
    • The icebox that Jim Bob traded Zuleika was the one previously used by Mrs. Brimmer.
    • The character of Mrs Brimmer was written out of the story when Nora Marlowe, who had played her since The Triangle (Season 2, Episode 14) died.

    (Synopsis by William Atkins)

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  • THE CALLING (28 Sep 1978)
    Writer: Kathleen Hite. Director: Gwen Arner. Music: Alexander Courage.

    "Our years of containment as a family unit were growing to a close in 1941. Everywhere there was a new mobility. New and different people found their way to Waltons Mountain to touch and shape the lives of our family, bringing customs and beliefs that were foreign to us. One such encounter had a special meaning for my brother, Jim Bob".

    The Baldwin sisters drive their first cousin’s daughter Mary Francis Conover to their home for a visit. While walking up the front steps Mary Francis notices a kite flying high in the sky and comments that ‘even a kite needs a mooring, or it has no purpose’. Jim Bob is on the other end of the kite until it becomes entangled high in a tree. Mary Francis climbs the tree in order to retrieve the wayward flyer while Jim Bob follows his string to find her stuck in the branches. Jim Bob rescues her but is not very concerned about his damaged kite, now that he is standing lovestruck on a tree branch.

    Ben buys supplies from Renshaw & Sons, getting help loading them into the truck by Beau Pauley. Beau needs a job so Ben hires the personable young man. He seems to be a hard worker who likes to continually sing Old Man Tucker. However, after Ben takes supper inside, Pauley sneaks several large gulps of liquor from his hidden bottle.

    Mary Francis prays near the water’s shore when Olivia walks up behind her to dig ferns. Olivia comments that the Mountain is a good place to think things through. She asks, ‘Do you pray?’ whereupon Olivia answers, ‘All the time.’ The girl then asks, ‘Do you always get an answer?’ Olivia states, ‘In God’s time.’

    John and Olivia bring Grandpa’s chair out in the porch so Grandma can sit and watch the fireflies at night. While Mary Ellen feeds her son Jim Bob walks down the stairs smelling like cheap perfume. To the surprise of the family he says he is going to the library. He doesn’t tell them he is going with Mary Francis to learn about kites. Jim Bob stops at Ike’s for three gallons of gas while his date inquires if a letter has arrived for her. Corabeth learns that she attends school at a Catholic convent. When Corabeth learns from Ike that Jim Bob is with her she says, ‘Jim Bob is going out with THAT Catholic girl?’

    At the convent Sister Scholastica and Sister Theresa prepare to drive to Richmond in order to run an errand for Mother Superior. At the fork in the road the adventuresome Sister Scholastica takes the least traveled road that will lead them on a picturesque detour to Waltons Mountain.

    Before Sunday services Corabeth warns Olivia that Mary Francis is Catholic and dating Jim Bob. Olivia sternly tells her that she already knows this information and asks Corabeth to pray for understanding.

    Jim Bob and Mary Francis fly a kite using the information they gained at the library. Later, they talk about dreams. Mary Francis wonders how Jim Bob can be so sure about wanting to be a pilot. Jim Bob is obviously lovesick when he admits to Mary Francis that he thinks about her all the time.

    At Ike’s store Corabeth gossips about the pending invasion of Catholics into the area. Rev. Buchanan does not agree with her assumption but states that if it should happen would welcome the additional religious competition. Suddenly the two Catholic sisters enter the store, complete with their habit, looking for the Baldwin house. While Mary Francis talks with Sister Scholastica about her indecision on becoming a nun, Sister Theresa talks with Miss Mamie and Miss Emily over a cup of tea (presumably without the recipe).

    Ben and Beau go out for the evening and end up at the Dew Drop Inn. After drinking too much Beau is thrown out by Jason. Ben decides to drive Beau back to the house so he can keep an eye on his inebriated friend. In the middle of the night Beau wakes up with a craving for more alcohol. Disoriented he nearly destroys the mill looking for his bottle. Finding his stash Beau wanders away. In the morning John finds the mill a shambles and insists that Ben fire the drunk. Ben investigates Beau’s past employment history, finding he begins each job as a good worker but eventually the bottle destroys his performance. Ben gives Beau his walking papers along with a week’s wages. He eyes the money in the envelope then begins singing Old Dan Tucker while walking down the road he has traveled before.

    Olivia sees Jim Bob staring off into space. He admits being in love with Mary Francis but unable to speak to her about his feelings. Olivia suggests a letter instead. In the meantime Mary Francis writes a letter to Jim Bob but Sister Scholastica feels a decision of such importance deserves the spoken word. The two meet where Mary Francis tells Jim Bob she is returning to the convent. Like his dream to be a pilot she has realized her calling. Jim Bob presents Mary Francis the letter he wrote professing his love to her. With a kiss on his cheek, Mary Francis says goodbye. With a broken heart, Jim Bob runs off by himself.

    "The pain of that time stayed with Jim Bob longer than any of us would have liked. But as it is with any lost love, a healing of the heart takes place and life becomes a thing of wonder again".

    Elizabeth: Ben?
    Ben: Yes Elizabeth?
    Elizabeth: What did you do with that hat like Beau had?
    Ben: I threw it away.
    Elizabeth: I wish I had it.
    Ben: I thought you wanted one like Sister Scolasticus?
    Elizabeth: That wasn't a hat, that was a habit.
    Ben: Yes that's what Beau had - a bad one.....
    Elizabeth: Goodnight Ben.
    Ben: Goodnight Elizabeth.

    Also appearing -
    Ike and Corabeth Godsey (Joe Conley and Ronnie Claire Edwards): Sister Scholastica (Jeanette Nolan); Sister Theresa (Mitzi Hoag); Beau Pauley (Bruce French); Mary Francis Conover (Stacey Nelkin); Rev. Hank Buchanan (Peter Fox); John-Curtis Willard (Michael and Marshall Reed).
    Special guest: Grandma (Ellen Corby).


    • Mary Francis Conover and her mother visited the Baldwin residence eight years ago. Mary Francis is now seventeen years old.
    • The license plates on Jim Bob’s car are 485-279 Virginia.
    • The Catholic convent where Mary Francis attends school is located in Stanton, Virginia.
    • The license plates on the Catholic sister’s car are 137-420 Virginia.

    (Synopsis by William Atkins)

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  • THE MOONSHINER 12 Oct 1978)
    Writer: Jeb Rosebrook. Director: Lawrence Dobkin. Music: Alexander Courage.

    "I well remember my grandfather speaking of the two ideals he felt so much a part of the human spirit. They were, he said, love and loyalty. During that Autumn of 1941 his ideals were to be well tested by those people fate and a changing times would return to Waltons Mountain. It was a time when our brother Jason most keenly felt the loss of our grandfather".

    At the courthouse Jason listens to the case of ‘Boone Walton versus the People of the United States of America’. The judge has found Boone guilty of selling bootleg whiskey when Jason speaks on behalf of the convict. Jason tells the judge that Boone’s life in the mountains is the only one he has known. When the government took it away he was unable to adapt to a new life. Jason is prepared to pay the fine and place him in his custody. In response Boone’s sentence is suspended and he is fined one hundred dollars. Jason takes him home, promising him work at the new co-op headed by John. On the way home Boone sees a billboard stating ‘The Home of Progress – Jefferson County’ and wonders whose progress it is for.

    At the residence of the Baldwin sisters chaos is rampant as Miss Mamie and Miss Emily search for something misplaced. Ike who brings their groceries interrupts them. They tell him that a tragedy has befallen them but can not tell him or anybody about it. At the Godsey’s store Corabeth sees Daisy Garner with a young girl stop her car in front of the gas pumps. She wonders why John-Boy and her never married.

    Boone joins the men at the mill doing contract work for the U.S. government, the same government that forced him off his land. Inside the house Mary Ellen defends Boone while Olivia and Grandpa take the opposite side. The women are in a fit after talking about Boone when Elizabeth sees Daisy and Melissa Garner walking up to the house. Daisy is returning the engagement ring John-Boy gave her after their correspondence declined since he moved to London. She is moving to New York City after her mother recently passed away. Daisy asks for Olivia’s forgiveness but Olivia says it is not for her to forgive. Although she resents Daisy for not being truthful to John-Boy she invites them to stay the night. Over dessert on picnic tables Boone talks about his days of moonshining. The children have little interest in his tales but Daisy says she likes his stories. Boone returns the compliment saying she must be a fine dancer. Later in the shed Jason sneaks Boone a jug that Grandpa had hid for special people, saying it was a gift from friends. Boone says he would like to meet Zeb’s friends that made the Recipe.

    Boone talks with Easter, saying that one bad thing about living a long time is seeing many friends and family die. He craves to see Zeb again, a man who unlike him had the gift of words. Grandma smiles at his words. But the next day Boone is missing. Jason finds him building a still on Waltons Mountain, jeopardizing the family with his illegal activity. Boone rationalizes that he is constructing the still so he can pass his knowledge to the younger Waltons. Jason convinces him instead to go rabbit hunting. While tracking Boone relates the story as to why he sings a particular song. Fifty-three years ago Boone fell in love and married Rose Jameson. They settled in Blue Rock Hollow where their son was born the next year. Sadly, Boone relates how a flood in the spring of 1888 ‘took my home, took my son, took my Rose’.

    After convincing Daisy to stay on the Mountain, Mary Ellen settles her and Melissa into her empty house. They talk about the war and their wait for John-Boy and Curt to come home. At Ike’s store Elizabeth tells Corabeth that Melissa is Daisy’s little girl. When Corabeth asks about her husband, Elizabeth says she has never been married. Corabeth insists that Aimee is not to associate with a ‘love child’ so that her daughter is not subjected to ’the tawdry side of life’.

    Jason and Boone visit the Baldwin sisters but find them distraught after losing the recipe to the Recipe. Boone comes to their rescue by restoring the proper mix of ingredients. Miss Mamie and Miss Emily reward him with more of the Recipe. After supper the family wonders where Jason and Boone have gone. When Elizabeth asks her mother what is a ‘love child’, the family rallies around Daisy. Then the two men return home drunk and loudly singing. John tells Boone he does not appreciate him getting his son drunk. The next day Jason finds Boone ready to shotgun the billboard that announces new prosperity. Unable to convince him otherwise, Boone blasts the billboard and walks away. Jason whispers, ‘I trusted you’.

    Olivia and Daisy walk into the Godsey’s store to convince Corabeth it is unfair to shut out Melissa for a terrible mistake her mother made. Olivia reminds Corabeth that when she and Ike adopted Aimee it did not matter to them what was included in her past. Corabeth reconsiders her feelings and welcomes Daisy and Melissa into the community.

    As Jason prepares to leave for the Dew Drop Inn and John and Daisy sit on the front porch, Boone walks up to give Jason the hundred dollars he owes. Boone asks for his freedom and a twenty-four hour head start so he can lose himself in the Blue Ridge where no one will be able to find him. Jason agrees. Daisy kisses Boone on the cheek telling him he is a ‘very special man’. Removing his hat in respect Boone tells Daisy, ‘If you are ever in the mountains and come on the wild rose, pick it for me.’

    "The Law never did catch Boone, from time to time he would slip back to visit us. He was always loved and respected as the last Walton who's ways were swiftly vanishing and who's secrets were revealed only to Jason. Boone Walton was killed by a truck while crossing the highway one dark night. He was 87 years old, and was carrying 2 gallons of moonshine".

    Jason (singing): While sailing on the ocean, while sailing on the deep, I'll think of handsome Moses, just as I go to sleep.
    John: Goodnight Jason.
    Jason: Goodnight Daddy.

    Also appearing -
    Ike and Corabeth Godsey (Joe Conley and Ronnie Claire Edwards); Aimee Godsey (Rachel Longaker); Miss Mamie Baldwin (Helen Kleeb); Miss Emily Baldwin (Mary Jackson); Boone Walton (Morgan Woodward); The Judge (Ford Rainey); Daisy Garner (Deirdre Lenihan); Melissa Garner (Brandi Tucker);
    Special guest: Grandma (Ellen Corby).


    • Boone Walton is first introduced in The Conflict (Season 3, Episode 1).
    • Boone Walton’s trial is held at the Jefferson County Municipal Courthouse.
    • The license plates on Jason’s car are 577-265 Virginia (1941).
    • Boone Walton married Rose Jameson at the church in Albemarle.
    • Boone and Rose Walton’s son was named Henry Jameson Walton.
    • Boone sold his shotgun at a pawnshop to pay back Jason the money he owes.

    (Synopsis by William Atkins)

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  • THE OBSESSION (19 Oct 1978)
    Writer: Juliet Packer. Director: Gwen Arner. Music: Alexander Courage.

    "The war in Europe brought to Waltons Mountain a renewed awareness of the frailty of human freedom. We realised that an ocean away people were fighting and dying for independence. In the Fall of 1941 our family was to witness another fight for freedom. It was a fight that would reveal to all of us a new kind of courage"

    Olivia is concerned about Mary Ellen overworking herself while studying for her registered nursing degree. Mary Ellen has entered the accelerated program in order to more quickly join Curt.

    Sissy is awakened by one of Yancy's chickens pecking her toes. She is upset at his animals freely roaming the house. Sissy tells her husband that she is leaving him, tired of tripping over Tiger. At the Dew Drop Inn Yancy confesses his problem to Ben and Jason. They try to convince Yancy that he is better off a bachelor.

    David Spencer awakens Mary Ellen after she has fallen asleep in the hospital's lounge. A nurse suggests she take amphetamines to help stay awake, but Mary Ellen doesn't like the idea. Soon she changes her mind, asking David to give her a few days' supply of pep pills.

    Mary Ellen takes her first pill just as Elizabeth enters the kitchen. Several days later, Mary Ellen drops off John Curtis to Daisy Garner, who is occupying the Willard house, so she can take her test. Afterwards, she tells David she is confident about passing. With half the pills remaining, Mary Ellen decides to save them in order to study for her state exams in two weeks. Curt returns on leave to tell his wife that he will not be able to attend his wife's graduation ceremony. When Mary Ellen becomes upset Curt says she must concentrate on her state exams so she can successfully complete against other nurses in order to join him.

    Ike presents Yancy with a letter from Sissy. He finds that his estranged wife is going to 'buy herself a divorce'. Ike informs Yancy that he will probably be forced to pay alimony if she gets a high-priced lawyer.

    Mary Ellen asks David for another two-week supply of pep pills along with some sedatives. Uneasy about how he got himself into this predicament, David insists this will be the last time.

    In the middle of the night Jason can not understand how Mary Ellen can be so wide-awake. In the morning, while Jason is still trying to wake up, Mary Ellen bounces down the steps in high spirits. However, when Erin asks to borrow twenty-five cents, Mary Ellen becomes angry when Erin searches her purse. Yancy visits John hoping to convince him to help with his legal defense. But John is unaware of the legal terms and Ben is too busy to help. Elizabeth informs Yancy that she listens to Mr. District Attorney on the radio and offers her serves as lawyer. Her first act is to visit the Baldwin sisters, whose Papa was a lawyer.

    Jason sets up a swing for Daisy's daughter Melissa when Mary Ellen is seen driving up the street. She suddenly becomes dizzy and runs into a tree. She downplays the incident saying nothing is wrong. Daisy confides in Jason that she thinks Mary Ellen is taking pills. Jason doesn't think his sister would do such a thing. However, later Jason asks Mary Ellen if she is taking pills. She admits she is, but will stop once the exam is finished. Jason warns her not to lose her strong-will.

    Mary Ellen puts John Curtis to bed after taking one of her sedatives. Later, Olivia returns home to find John Curtis screaming while Mary Ellen sleeps only a few feet away. She convinces her daughter that John Curtis would be better in her bedroom, until the exam is over.

    Elizabeth asks Miss Mamie and Miss Emily if their father ever handled divorce cases. They say his sole case was Thomas Brook Roberts who stole a horse in Pennsylvania. His wife was granted a divorce since he was convicted of stealing, and she was granted all the livestock. She decides to look for a loophole.

    John and Olivia worry about their daughter's behavior. John prepares to leave for a business trip to see Matt Sarver. Later Elizabeth tells her mother that she is trying to make divorce look terrible to Yancy and Sissy so they will want to get back together.

    Mary Ellen finishes studying the night before her exam. She learns, however, that she has no more sedatives. Tossing and turning, unable to sleep, Mary Ellen drives to her house, hoping to find pills. She breaks into the cabinet upon finding the sedatives locked inside. When Daisy hears commotion she asks Mary Ellen if she is okay. Upset at her interference, Mary Ellen slams the door in her face. Suddenly she realizes what is happening to her. She cries out to Daisy. Jason drives her home where she confesses to her mother. Olivia and Jason stay with her while she comes off the drugs. To help her sleep Olivia reads from the book Florence Nightingale that John-Boy gave her when she entered nursing school. Mary Ellen finally dozes off. In the morning John returns to find them asleep in the living room.

    Yancy wakes up to find Sissy at the door, returning for her property. He is relieved to find that she doesn't want his pets. Sissy says they will be unable to divorce unless they can find grounds for divorce. They talk about their happy dating days as Elizabeth arrives. She announces that if Sissy leaves for two years, they can divorce by reason of desertion. Sissy kisses Yancy and he kisses her back. She doesn't leave.

    Mary Ellen has taken her state exams and now waits for the results. While gardening with her mother, John arrives with the letter. Mary Ellen has passed the test certifying her as a registered nurse. Mary Ellen is unsure if Curt will attend, since he has not responded to her letter of confession. But at the ceremony John brings Curt who apologises for putting pressure on her. He also announces he is being transferred to Pearl Harbor. They can still be together, halfway around the world. When Mary Ellen's name is announced to receive her diploma Curt is brought to the stage to place her nurse's hat upon her head.

    "On that day we were not only aware of Mary Ellen's victory in becoming a nurse, but also of a greater victory that she had won. We knew that she had found her strength again, and with it had come a bright re-discovery of freedom".

    Elizabeth: I think I'll be a lawyer when I grow up!
    Jason: Not a divorce lawyer I hope.
    Elizabeth: I might be pretty good at it. I saved Yancy's marriage! Besides, I think lawyers must have lots of fun.
    Mary Ellen: Goodnight Elizabeth!
    Elizabeth: They're always writing about the 'party of the first party, and the party of the second party, and the -'
    John: The party's over! Goodnight Elizabeth!
    Elizabeth: Daddy, I think it'd be more lawyer-like to say - 'the case is closed'.
    Olivia and John: Goodnight Elizabeth.
    Elizabeth: Goodnight everyone.

    Also appearing -
    Ike Godsey (Joe Conley); Corabeth Godsey (Ronnie Claire Edwards); Miss Mamie Baldwin (Helen Kleeb); Miss Emily Baldwin (Mary Jackson); Yancy Tucker (Robert Donner); Sissy (Cissy Wellman); David Spencer (Christopher Woods); Curt Willard (Tom Bower); John Curtis (Marshall and Michael Reed); Daisy Garner (Deirdre Lenihan); Melissa Garner (Brandi Tucker); Nancy (Alley Mills); the Superintendent (Suzanne DeLapp).


    • Grandma is visiting Cousin Jane.
    • Judge Baldwin owned a hunting dog by the name of Beauregard, who died in 1925.
    • Elizabeth is twelve years old.

    (Synopsis by William Atkins)

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  • THE CHANGELING (26 Oct 1978)
    Writer: Robert Pirosh. Director: Lawrence Dobkin. Music: Alexander Courage.

    "The approach of a birthday in our family has always been a time of excitement and joy. But there was one notable exception. On Elizabeth's thirteenth birthday it seemed that she wasn't quite sure whether she wanted the clock to turn forward or backward"

    Elizabeth is overwhelmed with the conflict of staying a little girl and growing into a woman. While on the front porch the family discusses her moods. Olivia says Elizabeth has been the most mysterious of all her children. As Elizabeth secretly listens, a vase sitting above the fireplace falls to the floor. Without an explanation, John and Olivia look to Elizabeth who is unaware how it broke.

    Jason auditions for a radio station that is looking for someone trustworthy to appeal to all ages. They decide on a format where Jason provides advice for the lovelorn. Jason begins his first broadcast saying, ‘Good evening everyone, this is your Cousin George, the man you turn to when you hit a bump on the rocky road of love.’ The family listens to the program with John saying, 'It’s corny enough to be a hit'. When Elizabeth asks what Jason means by ‘forbidden love’ the family laughs at her. Suddenly the telephone rings but no one is there. Elizabeth then walks upstairs where her hair is blown and a picture frame suddenly drops down. When Elizabeth looks into the mirror her image mysteriously becomes clouded over.

    Corabeth is also listening to Cousin George on the radio. Afterwards she writes a letter asking help for a ‘lady of breeding’ to improve her husband in the area of culture. After the broadcast Erin runs downstairs to congratulate Jason. Jason says that if the series is a success he will be on the radio three times a week but otherwise will be out a job. Alone in the bedroom Elizabeth again feels the wind blow her hair. Then she sees a stone fly through the open window and land on the floor. When she approaches, it suddenly skids across the floor. Elizabeth screams and the family rushes to her aid. But no stone is found on the floor. In the morning John finds rocks outside Elizabeth’s window and a repairman is summoned to check the telephone. There is nothing wrong but, again, the telephone rings with no one answering.

    Jason receives good response from the listeners and is hired by the radio station. Jason learns, however, that he will be answering the letters and writing his own scripts. Without much experience in solving problems of the heart Jason turns to Erin and Mary Ellen for help.

    John approaches Elizabeth trying to understand what is bothering her. She admits not knowing who she is anymore. He helps to calm her fears about entering puberty. But as the family listens to Cousin George, Ben mentions that when Elizabeth enters the room static overcomes the radio, and clears up when she leaves. Jason reads ‘Dear Frustrated’ and suggests she expose her husband to poetry and the better things in life. As its author, Corabeth begins playing classical music in the store. She also explains to Ike that the cause of Elizabeth’s problems could be a poltergeist, a mischievous ghost that appears when children are present. Ike tells Olivia, Mary Ellen, and Elizabeth about the belief in ghosts and spirits.

    Elizabeth decides to have a party for her thirteenth birthday. Olivia suggests an overnight party on the night before her birthday. While signing up for a music appreciation class, Ike runs into Jason at the Kleinberg Conservatory of Music. Not knowing about Jason’s job, Ike badmouths Cousin George for suggesting he improve himself. Jason recommends that he just refuse what Corabeth wants him to do. Ike says concessions are often necessary to make a marriage work.

    Olivia returns from the library after selecting books on poltergeist. Research suggests that strange things often happen to twelve to fourteen year old children with fearfulness about growing up. As Elizabeth attempts to sleep she sees her Raggedy Ann doll change positions. She is scared and hides under the covers.

    Corabeth forces Ike to read Romeo and Juliet but, luckily, it becomes time to listen to Cousin George. On this show, however, Jason is unsure about his advice. He finally admits he’s just a country boy with hardly any experience in love. His program is cancelled but the family is proud he admitted his shortcoming and Ike returns to his Detective magazine.

    At the party Olivia and John remain upstairs while Elizabeth, Aimee, and the other girls play games in the living room. Aimee decides to tell a ghost story but Elizabeth does not like haunted houses. Before Aimee can begin the lights go out unexpectedly. Then the piano begins to play by itself, the wind blows inside the house, and a chair floats in the air. When the girls scream the family run downstairs. The men try to close the windows while the women calm the girls. Olivia tells Elizabeth only she can stop what is happening by releasing her emotions. She finally admits being scared of growing up and seeing her parents grow old and die. When Olivia reassures her they will be alive for a long time, the house returns to normal.

    "Elizabeth's birthday came and went, and none of the strange things that had been happening ever happened again. Were there really poltergeists in the house? Scientists are still looking for answers to questions like that. All we know is that we never found any other explanation"

    Jim Bob: Dear Cousin George, I'm goin' to be married next week.
    Curt: Congratulations.
    Jim Bob: My bride's mother wants to come along on the honeymoon.
    Jason: Better find out first if she snores.
    Erin: Oh PS, I forgot to mention I'm a midget in a circus, and the man who proposed to me is the giant. Signed Undecided.
    Jason: Goodnight Undecided....
    Erin: Goodnight Cousin George!
    Elizabeth: Goodnight everyone.
    (everyone): Goodnight Elizabeth.

    Also appearing -
    Ike and Corabeth Godsey (Joe Conley and Ronnie Claire Edwards); Aimee Godsey (Rachel Longaker); Mr. Larkin what not to wear season 7 episode 3 (Russ Marin); Denby (Patrick Gorman); Telephone repairman (John Perryman); First girl (Kathy Ritzke); Second girl (Kelly Louise Lynn); John Curtis (Michael and Marshall Reed);
    Special guest: Grandma (Ellen Corby).


    • Elizabeth’s Raggedy Ann doll is named Katie.

    (Synopsis by William Atkins)

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  • THE PORTRAIT (2 Nov 1978)
    Writer: John Dunkel. Director: Ralph Senensky. Music: Alexander Courage.

    "In the Fall of 1941 the war raging in Europe still seemed remote to most people on Waltons Mountain. But its horrors were growing every day. Occasionally someone would bring the war home to our family by touching our lives in a personal and disturbing way".

    Erin and Jason drive up to the long vacant Pembroke house, finding music emanating from inside. Jason knows the Pembroke’s are dead except for a son studying art in Europe. Erin feels eerie about the house.

    Corabeth hangs a sign inside the store ‘Church Bazaar Collection Headquarters’ while Erin places an order from Ike. Just after Erin speaks about how boring everything has recently been a handsome stranger enters. He continues to stare at Erin until she finally turns away. Ike learns from the name on his check that the man is Derek Pembroke. He mentions having recently returned from Paris. When Corabeth attempts to persuade the artist to attend a get-together he firmly insists he is here to work, not to socialize.

    At the Dew Drop Inn Jason plays to an empty bar, except for Pembroke who is deep in thought. Jason strikes up a conversation with the man who asks the piano player to play any French song. Pembroke sings along but when Jason asks what the words mean, Pembroke painfully remarks, ‘The pleasure of love lasts only a moment. The pain of love lasts for a lifetime.’ The man quickly leaves, distraught by his thoughts.

    The next day Erin stumbles across Pembroke painting in the woods. He sees the light from the sun fall onto Erin’s hair and is inspired to paint her portrait. He expresses to Erin, ‘Some people paint beauty, while others are simply beautiful.’ Suddenly the man declares that he smells decay in the clearing and states that ‘Paris is dead, we must forget Paris’. (Is he looking at Erin a few steps away or someone far away?)

    When Erin confides to her mother that she is tired of doing the same thing day-in and day-out, Olivia compares her to a Christmas cactus that must be kept in the dark before blooming into a thing of beauty. She poses that her life may be in a stage of darkness waiting for a time to burst into brightness.

    Elizabeth and Jim Bob are unsuccessful at trapping a wild bird so settle for a store-bought canary as a pet for Grandma. They name the bird ‘Chirpie’ but, unlike its name, it will not sing despite their many attempts to teach the bird to sing from music on the radio.

    Pembroke enters the store requesting more supplies. Corabeth informs him that his check was returned with ‘Insufficient Funds’. The artist shows Corabeth several of his paintings hoping to use them as collateral for credit. Corabeth finds the paintings to be of a ‘brute strength’ that shows the ‘ugliness of war’. She agrees to his proposal stating she will be now open the Godsey Art Gallery featuring the works of their local Parisian artist. When Erin walks into the store she is drawn to the emotion contained within the paintings. Pembroke asks Erin to pose for him, inviting her to his house that night. Erin considers the possibility of seeing the attractive but moody man. Walking to his house she finds it lit by a multitude of candles revealing walls covered by the horrors of war. Pembroke needs her to pose so he can paint her face onto a vacant portion of the wall. Approaching Erin, he kisses her but voices the name Gabrielle. Confused, Erin runs home.

    Ike and Corabeth ask Olivia and Mary Ellen to evaluate Pembroke’s paintings. Olivia knows he definitely has artistic talent but Mary Ellen says she would not want those paintings of war hanging in her house. Later, Erin admits to Mary Ellen that she feels in love with Derek, but also feels like running away from him. Mary Ellen thinks that true love would not make her think that way.

    Jason convinces Grandma to practice her singing and playing the piano with him. They sing Carry Me Back to Old Virginia. Chirpie finally sings along with the duo much to their delight.

    After a typing class at the Rockfish Business School is cancelled,

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