Style remix: the denim jacket

style remix: the denim jacket
Denim Jacket 56


Men’s denim jacket spells out versatility in any form. The fabric of denim has immense versatility and can be worn for multiple kinds of occasions. Also, they lend an overall, smart look to the person who is wearing the men’s denim jacket. If you are looking forward to updating your wardrobe, you know what to purchase next. Men’s denim jacket comes in myriad kinds and here are the 55 styles of it. Have a look at them:

# 1 Dark Blue Denim Jacket



This one is dark blue in color and has brown stitches all over the jacket. It is full sleeved, has two chest pockets and has a fitted look.

# 2 Levis Denim Jacket



This dark blue colored denim jacket has slight stone wash effect near the stitches and is of regular fit. It is perfect for the light winter mornings when you need a jacket to be thrown on your normal outfit.

# 3 Raw Denim Short Jacket



Blackish blue in color, this jacket is short in length and has the perfect fit. This jacket will look nice if you wear a white shirt under it.

# 4 Levis Ripped Light Blue Denim Shirt



This denim shirt is uber cool in appearance. It is ripped a bit in areas like the shoulders and elbows and makes a great style statement.

# 5 Levis Trucker Jacket



Sky blue in color, this short trucker jacket has copper-colored buttons and has a very interesting back patch. Also, the shape of a cat is embroidered on the chest to make it fun.

# 6 Commuter Trucker Jacket



This grey-colored denim jacket has the special qualities of being water as well as dirt repellant. Also, it has extra storage pockets and looks very cool.

# 7 Dark Ink Blue Denim Jacket with Minimal Fades



The most unique feature about this dark blue men’s denim jacket is the vertical faded stripes. They lend a very special look to the shirt and will make you stand out in the crowd.

# 8 Levis Denim Jacket with Red Patches



This jacket has a playful look due to its red checkered patches in the sleeves and the collars. Short in length and faded in nature, this jacket looks great.

# 9 Dark Blue Denim Shirt with Single Chest Pocket



This short denim shirt is perfect for casual day outs. Dark blue in color, it has minimum fades.

# 10 Dull Blue Denim Jacket with Horizontal Provisions for Buttons



This jacket is very short in length and half of your shirt would remain exposed from under it. The stitches for the buttons are horizontal in nature.

#11 Short Denim Jacket



This jacket can be worn over casual tees and rugged trousers. Also, Chelsea boots would look good with this jacket along its rolled-up sleeves.

# 12 Faded Denim Shirt with Ripped Pockets



This jacket can also be worn as a shirt with a pair of black trousers. The vertical ripped stretches look very good on the jacket.

# 13 Hand Printed Back Denim Shirt



This light colored men’s denim shirt is extremely fun since its back has the Grateful Dead Europe ’72 album art printed on its back. This is perfect for youngsters.

# 14 Stone Washed Denim Shirt



Wear this denim shirt with its sleeves rolled up. A white t-shirt and white sneakers would be the perfect accessories to this shirt.

# 15 Hooded Denim Coat



This unique denim jacket can double as a stylish outfit as well as a winter attire. This oversized denim jacket with a hoodie is of medium blue color.

# 16 Full-Sleeved Denim Shirt



This dark blue denim shirt will look the best if you pair it with a pair of light blue jeans. You can wear a shirt and throw the jacket over it as well.

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.0 ASOS Denim Jacket In Blue Wash – Blue

# 17 Denim Jacket with Fur Collars



This denim shirt with fur collars has vertical pockets on the front below the chest pockets. Wear this light colored denim shirt with a white shirt.

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.0 ASOS Denim Jacket with Fleece Collar In Mid Wash – Blue

# 18 Double Denim Jacket



This short denim jacket is just right for wearing to college. The double denim shirt should be paired with a big chunky watch.

# 19 Lone Star Denim Shirt



This outfit will be the right thing for you if you like a bit of design on your shirt. There is a lone star on the left sleeve and has a faded texture.

# 20 Light Blue Denim Jacket with Rectangular Pockets



Wear this denim jacket with a monochrome striped t-shirt to accentuate the color of the denim jacket. The soft nature of the shirt will be comfortable in all the seasons.

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3.0 Selected Homme Indigo Denim Jacket – Blue

# 21 Street Fashion Denim Shirt



Stone washed denim shirt are the new trend nowadays. Wear this one as a jacket with a white t-shirt underneath or simply as a shirt.

# 22 Vintage Denim Jacket



This jacket will remind you of the old day due to its vintage style. It has a Rolling Stones logo on the chest so wear it if you are a fan of the band!

# 23 Casual Denim Shirt



This denim short has faded portions only near the chest. Wear it with a gray tee to bring out the rock vibe.

# 24 High Collared Denim Jacket



Very short in length, this denim jacket will look the best with an all black outfit. Pair it with black jeans as well as a black t-shirt.

# 25 Shimmering Denim Jacket



This one has a light shimmering effect and the stone wash effect has made the color kind of ice blue. Wear it to a weekend party or any day out with friends.

# 26 Classic Denim Jacket with High Collars



The raised collars of this jacket will leave you looking like a true style icon. Wear it with a cap if you want to add a sporty look to it.

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9.0 Nudie Jeans Co Billy Denim Jacket – Blue

# 27 Men’s Denim Jacket with Pins



This jacket with rolled up sleeves has a multiple number of pins and badges on it which adds to the fun and quirky look.

# 28 Light Blue Loose Denim Jacket



This jacket has the lightest shade of blue and is a bit oversized. If comfort is your first priority, then this is the right jacket for you.

# 29 Light Blue Denim Jacket with Low-Positioned Pockets



The pockets of this denim shirt are placed quite lower than the normal position. With the uncommon design of collars, this shirt is quite a steal.

# 30 Classic Slim Fit Denim Jacket



Wear this shirt with a white t-shirt and black trousers. A pair of sneakers would look good with this shirt.

# 31 Levis Trucker Jacket



This jacket has the design of a typical Trucker jacket. With triangular shaped collars and vertical striped stitches along the length of the jacket, this one defines coolness to the ultimate level. The stone washed effect is such that the pockets look darker.

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0.0 Diesel N-HILL Denim Trucker Jacket – Blue

# 32 Ash Blue Colored Faded Denim Jacket



Wear this jacket with a hoodie and a lengthy t-shirt underneath it. The front pockets are extra faded and so are the sleeves.

# 33 Regular Denim Jacket



Having vertical stitches all along the length, this jacket has the regular fit. You can style this look with a white t-shirt and a pair of oversized aviator sunglasses.

# 34 Chic Faded Denim Jacket



Channel the ultimate chic look with this denim jacket. This jacket has slightly ripped sleeves which add to the style of the jacket. Keep the rest of the outfit black in color.

# 35 Light Blue Denim Shirt with Faded Rips



Wear this denim shirt with an oversized graphic tee to bring out the punk look. This denim shirt has an uncommon shade of blue and has ripped patches.

# 36 Plain Dark Blue Denim Jacket



This one is of the solid dark blue color and has low pockets. Button up the full jacket for a more sophisticated look.

# 37 Skater Denim Jacket from Levis



This one has widely spaced out washed lines and scratch marks which increase its cool quotient.

# 38 Forever 21 Light Blue Denim Jacket



This denim jacket is of the thrifty nature. Light blue in color, it will look good if you wear it with a muted shade of tees or t-shirts.

# 39 Simple Denim Jacket



This one is of the solid blue color and is conventional in style. However, you can make the look interesting by wearing a red printed shirt underneath.

# 40 Denim Jacket from Japan



This jacket is of the darkest blue in color and would look great if you pair it with tan-colored shoes. The dark color of the jacket would look great against a shirt of a lighter shade.

Do not hesitate to try out these different styles of men’s denim shirt with attitude and you can be totally sure that you will stand out as a classy epitome of style!


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