Orlando weather in december what to wear

Here’s a question I get a lot… What should I wear to Disney World?

If you’ve been to Disney, you orlando know it’s all about comfort. You’re walking from morning until night, hopping orlando weather in december what to wear on and off rides, and you’re trying not to have to lug around too much stuff. How do you look cute, but keep it practical? Here are a few suggestions.

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Check the Weather

Weather is important when you’re putting together an outfit. What to wear to Disney World in July is going to be quite different from what to wear to Disney World in February. July is the hottest month with temperatures averaging 28° c ( 82ºF). It’s also the month with the most rain. Jan/Feb are the coldest months in Orlando with temperatures averaging 15-16ºC (59-60ºF).1. Consider the Weather

Cooler weather calls for long pants and long sleeves, maybe even a light jacket or sweater.

As it warms up, capris and a short sleeved top work well. Don’t fall into the trap of wearing a boring, baggy, crewneck t-shirt.  These tend to look boxy and frumpy. Instead, try a  V-neck or scoop neck top ( lower neck) and a little more fitted than a crew neck.

In the middle of summer, when it’s sweltering, light, long pants, cropped pants or even shorts and a sleeveless top are a good bet.  Cut off jean shorts are way too junior for a grown up gal.Choose a more tailored, polished pair of shorts.

One other option is a casual sundress or maxi, but these wouldn’t be my first choice. Pants are much easier to move around in, especially when it comes to getting on and off rides.Disney - Jeggingsshop the look small

2. Wear Comfy Shoes

This seems obvious, but if you ignore this rule, it can totally ruin your fun.  Don’t wear heels! Avoid shoes with hard wedges and heavy platforms. Also, stay clear of canvas shoes with paper-thin soles.  Above all, never wear brand new shoes to Disney, even if they are fresh, out of the box sneakers that have been specifically designed for walking. There’s always a breaking in period with shoes, and you don’t want to be limping around the Magic Kingdom looking miserable and in pain, begging for a band-aid.2. Wear Comfy Shoes

What are the Best Shoes to wear to Disney?

Your best bet is a pair of lightweight walking shoes or sneakers that don’t pinch and have good arch support. Clunky sneakers will weigh you down and make you look like Goofy. Sandals with straps can dig into your skin, cut your feel and create blisters. Flip-flops simply don’t offer enough support.

 A lightweight walking shoe with a comfort sole, that you have worn many times before is just what you need.  Take a look at my post on Comfortable walking shoes and read my suggestions for brands I like.

3. Wear Clothes that Breathe

 It’s very crowded, and it gets hot, so if you tend to sweat a lot ( hello hot flashes), you’re best to wear natural fabrics like cotton and linen, or wear a top in a sports fabric that wicks away moisture and keeps you dry.

4. Stretch is Important

There’s nothing worse than walking around all day in tight pants that grab you between the legs. Pants that have a bit of spandex in them will make your day at Disney much more enjoyable.

What to wear to walt disney world - short and sandals


5. Bright Colors Come in Handy

Leave the taupes, blacks, and grays at home and go for a top with a splash of color. Disney is sporty and fun, so dress accordingly. A bright red t-shirt or a purple windbreaker looks right at home in the Magic Kingdom, and makes it a lot easier for your family to spot you if you accidentally wander off to do a little shopping.

6. Take along a Sweater or a Layering Piece

Things can heat up and cool down fast in Florida. I can remember going to Disney in December and freezing my legs off because of a freak cold snap that brought bone-chilling wind and strong rain along with it. I highly suggest you take along a light wrap, sweater or jacket of some type, especially if you are like me and tend to get chilly. It should be soft enough that you can easily roll up into a ball and toss into your bag or backpack. A small fold-up umbrella sure comes in handy when rain is forecast. 

7. A Hands-free Bag is a Big Help

Disney is not the place to be toting your heavy, leather designer bag with the thick gold chain strap. Give your shoulders a break and take along a small crossbody bag or a very lightweight tote. (The seasonal tote bags they give out as a bonus when you buy high-end makeup work well for this). Just make sure your tote has a zipper. You don’t want anything falling out when you are upside down on a roller coaster. A small, lightweight backpack is another great option.

8. Carry Sun Protection

You’re in Florida, so you will need a good pair of sunglasses, some sunscreen, and maybe even a  good hat.  One bad burn equals a lifetime of wrinkles and can lead to skin cancer. It’s easy not to notice that you are getting burnt to a crisp when you are having so much fun.

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9. Be Conservative with Jewelry

It only makes sense that you keep your jewelry to a minimum. Disney isn’t the place for humongous statement necklaces, long dangly earrings, or bangle bracelets that will only flop around on rides and get broken or lost. Stud earrings are easiest and a small necklace, if you must.

10. Don’t wear Anything You are Worried about Wrecking.

Accidents happen in busy, crowded theme parks. If you are worried about spilling something on it, ripping it, dropping it or losing it, don’t wear it. You want to feel relaxed and not worry, and you can’t do that if you are wearing something expensive, or precious.

I hope you’ve picked up a few style pointers to help you enjoy your day with Mickey and the gang. If you have some ideas of your own for what to wear to Walt Disney World, let me know.

Finally, here are the official guidelines for what Not to wear at Disney, just in case you had some crazy idea that you wanted to go dressed as Cinderella. Have Fun!


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