How to wear fedora hat in summer

Wearing a fedora will make a man more attractive, alluring and exciting. Well, maybe not, but at least he may feel more attractive, alluring and exciting. Wearing a fedora is a fine way of presenting that devil-may-care, suave attitude to the world at large. Not everyone may deem fedoras to be the height of fashion, but in the past, a fedora was the standard when it came to headwear for the manliest of men.

The wear fedora is enjoying a huge comeback in recent years, as a new generation of younger men have started wearing fedoras. Today, although both men and women can wear fedoras, men have become irrevocably tied to this dashing hat. A fedora should be soft, made of some type of felt, such as rabbit or beaver fur felt, able to be creased across the length of the crown, and pinched in on either side. Fedoras can be found at shops that sell men's clothing accessories and shops that specialise in hats. However stock may be limited. A man looking for a fedora to wear, should consider browsing the extensive listings of fedoras on eBay.

Guidelines for Wearing a Fedora

A fedora can be worn for formal or informal occasions as well as for business. Specific guidelines apply for each given situation, and in order to be in keeping with the correct etiquette, the rules as they apply to wearing hats need to be followed. The guidelines include how to position the fedora on the head, what to wear for each type of occasion, and what accessories to wear with the hat.

If one has never worn a fedora before, a conservative fedora is probably the best bet for a beginner. Choose one in neutral colours such as grey, brown, or tan. Black could be a bit bold for a beginner if appropriate clothing has not been bought to wear it with. Make sure that the fedora fits appropriately, as it is never a good look for a fedora to fall over the forehead if it is too loose, or leave red marks on the skin if it is too tight. Never, under any circumstances should any type of gym clothing be worn with a fedora.

Types of Fedoras

When selecting a fedora, there are many different styles to choose from. From casual to more formal, there is a fedora for everyone's tastes and preferences.

The Casual Fedora

A lightweight jacket and t-shirt, sandals and a fedora create a dynamite casual look. Choose a fedora that has a trendy pattern like tartan, checks, or stripes, or choose a fedora in a bright and bohemian colour. Dark felt fedoras work for a casual look as well, especially when paired with a feather, or a bright, coloured strip of cloth for the band. For a casual appearance while wearing a fedora, the hat can be tipped up to expose part of the forehead, or angled to one side.

Matching Attire

Logo t-shirts and a nice jacket, or a bright polo shirt with cargo shorts are good options. One can also choose to wear a man's scarf with a button-down shirt and a favourite pair of jeans. Canvas sneakers or men's sandals are a great footwear option to match with a casual fedora.

The Business Fedora

For an all-business appearance that exudes ambition, a fedora speaks volumes about one's self assurance. A dark brown fedora or a black fedora with a black band is perfect for office attire. The fedora should be positioned straight on the head with the brim parallel to the eyebrows for a no-nonsense business look.

Matching Attire

Wear lighter suit colours such as light brown or tan, or try wearing a thigh-length trench coat for a dashing look. For business attire, one can always wear a long-sleeved collared shirt with pinstripes or a plain white shirt, vest and a fedora. Dress shoes appropriate for the office are the way to go when wearing a business-like fedora.

The Formal Fedora

Formal occasions such as weddings, a night out at the theatre, or a date at an upscale restaurant are all occasions when formal attire would be appropriate. Grey or black wool fedoras are ideal for formal wear. Keep the fedora straight on the head, centred with the brim parallel with the eyebrows. The brim should be at right angles to the bridge of the nose and no lower than the level of the eyebrows.

Matching Attire

Leave off the jacket, weather permitting, and wear only a long-sleeved, collared shirt in either a chic white or a pinstripe pattern for an elegant look. Coloured shirts can be worn as well. A vest is a nice touch and the ensemble should be completed with a bow tie, long necktie or a nice cravat. Nice dress shoes should always worn with formal dress as well.

Measuring For a Fedora

The 'correct' fit for a fedora is actually up to the wearer. Whatever feels right, is right. That said, there are specific steps to take to measure the head prior to buying a fedora. With the correct measurements it is a breeze to order a fedora online that will fit snugly but not tightly, and comfortably but not loosely.

First, get a measuring tape and wrap it around the head, across the forehead. Then, position the measuring tape where the hat should rest. The measuring tape should be just above the ears, and centred above the forehead in front. Try to keep the tape just above the rounded, bony protuberance at the back of the head. Once the area is found that is considered 'just right', pull the measuring tape until it feels snug but not tight against the head. At this point, measure to the nearest millimetre. From here, record the number. This measurement is what will be needed when placing an order for a fedora or buying one online.

How to Care for a Fedora

Spray the new fedora with some type of hat protector, such as a silicone based spray, to protect against the elements. The spray should dry completely before the new fedora is worn for the first time. To clean the hat, a damp cloth can be used. The felt obviously should not be subjected to rainy weather, hence the water repellent spray, so the wearer should be sure to never use a soaking wet cloth when cleaning his fedora. Carefully wipe the felt to gently clean the hat without removing the felt. The wearer should consider investing in a lint brush.

How to Find a Fedora on eBay

After you have taken all measurements and are ready to proceed with your search for the perfect fedora, go to eBay's home page. At the top of this page, and every page on the eBay site, there is a search bar. Enter the keywords relevant to the item you are searching for. For example, if you are looking for a men's brown felt fedora, you would simply type the keywords into search bar. This action will call up a results page. You can narrow the listings down to something more manageable by sorting the listings by colour, style, size, or price range.

Once you have narrowed down the listings to a handful, you can compare seller's by looking at their individual feedback scores. This is a number that is next to their username. It represents their reputation on eBay. A seller with a high number is referred to as a top-seller. What that means to you is that the seller has routinely met or exceeded the standards eBay has set for conduct and customer service and you should feel comfortable doing business with this seller. You can sort the listings to only show those listings for fedoras posted by eBay top-sellers.

Ensure that you read the item description very carefully. If the size of the fedora is not included in the item description, you should contact the seller.


At one time, it was compulsory for men to wear a hat when out in public. No man would have ever attended a formal or business occasion without a hat. Hats were completely mainstream. Today, hats are trendy and fashionable, but not mandatory, yet it appears that they may be making a comeback as a fashionable trend. For formal occasions like weddings, business meetings or the theatre, choose to wear a fedora and be on the cutting edge of the fashion trend.

Even for casual wear, a fedora makes a bold statement about the man under the hat. Be that dashing and mysterious man who is confident in his ability to carry off the look of days gone by with a smart and daring fedora. Take that look one step further and buy a walking stick to use for formal occasions, or a dapper vest to wear with a pinstriped long-sleeved shirt and a sleek grey fedora for a semi-casual look that will have the ladies swooning. No matter what the ensemble is, a fedora will add that touch of class that sets a man apart. For those occasions when a formal dress code is strictly enforced, wear a fedora and present an elegant look that exemplifies a man who knows what style and good taste is and is not afraid to put it on display.


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