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infinity scarf for women over 40 50 60

by Tina Boomerina (Christina Gregoire)

If you don’t have a small wardrobe of infinity scarves, you’re missing out on the easiest fashion-upgrade accessory of all time. These snappy little circle scarves are super easy to wear and can make any outfit go from a 2 to a 10 in a minute or less. Whether you're trendy classic or hippie boho, you've gotta have a couple of these babies in your closet.

Grown up Women and Circular Infinity Scarves

fashion for women over 50 60 baby boomersI’m 61 years old and I just realized why infinity scarves are so popular. Sure, if you've read any of my other articles, you probably know that I've discovered how hats can make me look younger, but I have consistently avoided scarves (for years) because I somehow felt that a scarf would be too cutesy for my unique style. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

Infinity scarves are not just for young girls.

  • Aging Skin: The right color scarf will reflect onto your face, giving your skin a younger glow and helping you avoid wearing aging, dramatic makeup. (Note: Your best colors may be different now than when you were 30.)
  • Bad Hair: If your hair is thin, a scarf will puff out your mid-length hair (either from tucking your hair into the scarf or by wearing your hair over the scarf).
  • Thinning Hair: If your hair is excruciatingly thin, so much so that your scalp shows through in daylight, you can pull your circular scarf partway up in the back, like a snood or a hood, whenever you go outside. This allows you to pull your bangs and some of your hair forward to frame your face. (You can get the same effect with a beret or cloche, of course.)

Wear Your Scarf Like a Parisienne: Casual and Uncontrived

If you want to wear your infinity scarves in the modern mode, the look you are aiming for is what I would call “elegant casual.” As an artist, I have found that you can twist and turn any scarf a thousand ways, and each way will add light a little differently to your face or accentuate your outfit (or your body) in a slightly different fashion.

And, maybe you’re a bit more methodical than I am, but I have found that each time I wear an infinity scarf it looks slightly different than the other times I’ve worn it. So, if you’re not happy with the way your scarf hangs, take it off and start over. Or, try looping your scarf with your eyes shut. Sometimes, this produces something that artists call a “happy accident”.

infinity scarves for older women over 40 50 60

12 Ways to Wear a Knit Infinity Scarf (Snood)

See photo (above) for reference.

1. Doubled or tripled around your neck in the classic (messy, impromptu) French manner to add color to your face. Always, puff, pull, and fluff your scarf until you are satisfied that your scarf doesn’t look too planned, too consciously arranged, or too formal.

2. Doubled around your neck, but pulled out more to the sides to make your shoulders look wider. Making your scarf wider will balance big hips if your scarf contrasts with your outfit. If you want your shoulders to look smaller, pull your scarf more to one side to make it asymmetrical.

3. Doubled as a neck warmer. This looks more tailored – almost like a turtleneck – and can be made to look as if the scarf is actually part of a coat or dress when folded just right.

4. Doubled around your neck in an exotic color to distract from other parts of your body. Imagine this hot green worn against all black or all navy.

5. Doubled around your shoulders as a classic shawl. The longer, wider, or stretchier an infinity scarf is, the more ways you can wear it. But, one infinity scarf is never enough. You’ll become addicted to these accessories after you play around with them.

6. Doubled around your shoulders in a messier, more spontaneous shawl. This type of insouciant, carefree look is just right with boho outfits.

7. Doubled around your shoulders (like a shawl) with one layer pulled up as a hood or headcover. Wear your infinity scarf like this for warmth or for glamour.

best gifts for baby boomer women over 40 50 608. Single-layered scarf pulled up so that the scarf color encircles your face. When you wear the hood slightly back like this, the front of your hair will show, and you usually want the scarf color to be obviously different from your hair color.

9. Very long scarf left long and open. When an infinity scarf hangs down in a long circle, it visually adds length to your neck in the same manner as a long necklace or a low-cut V-neck top.

10. Very long scarf doubled, but pulled to two different lengths. This is one of the most flattering ways to wear an infinity scarf. It adds interest and texture to your outfit, and it lengthens your neck when done right.

11. Long infinity scarf doubled and worn at medium length. If you want the trendy, scarves spontaneous look, twist your scarf a bit before looping it around your neck. To me, this scarf needs more puffing or twisting.

12. Doubled scarf pulled out to sides and up high in back. This great look brings the focus to your face and shoulders. You can fluff the scarf up higher in front to cover a wrinkled neck.

Lightweight Summery Infinity Scarves

All accessories for women over 40 50 60 70of the ideas above also work well (in a slightly different way) with lightweight summery scarves. And, while I adore the feel of natural fabrics like cotton, silk, and cashmere, I would never overlook a beautiful scarf just because it’s been created from a manmade (polyester) or semi-synthetic (Rayon or Modal) material. Sometimes, I find that it’s absolutely impossible to tell the difference without looking at the label.

Light infinity scarves sometimes need to be worn a bit differently than heavy knit scarves.

  • It’s seldom necessary, but sometimes you might want to hold your summery scarf in place with a groovy brooch. (Or, you can just add a pin for effect.)
  • Some lightweight scarves come with tassels and crocheted edging, which adds textural interest, but also helps a scarf stay in place.
  • If it’s windy out, you can just let your cottony scarf blow around in a serendipitous way. That’s one of the great things about infinity scarves… you don’t have to tie them… they’re not going to blow away.

For years, neck scarves reminded me of common old ladies wearing power suits to further their sad corporate careers. Well, I don’t know why never got past this image until this year… but now I’m really into scarves. Yes, I’ve branched out from hats, and I’ve started adding infinity scarves and extremely long, thin rectangular scarves to my favorite boho outfits.

Hey, anything that detracts from my wrinkles is definitely a good thing.

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